What is Merino

Where does the Merino come from and what it is?


merino.jpgMerino wool comes from a sheep which are shorn annually this is just like cutting your hair. It does not hurt the sheep in any way and they quickly get back out onto the land and graze away happily.   Sheep continuously grow wool and are typically shorn once a year. It's very important to shear a sheep to keep the sheep healthy and cool in the summer.

At Kruizey Kidz we promote Merino heavily and are proud of the fact that your children plus our own children are wearing a natural fibre that is also environmentally friendly. 

The suitability of New Zealand Merino for infant wear and bedding lies in Merino's unique ability to manage key factors such as temperature and moisture within an overall package tailored for both comfort and health

How does merino help manage a child's micro environment?

The ability to absorb moisture is an important function attribute of Merino fibre, but equally important is its ability to release moisture. In contrast to most synthetic fibres, Merino has the capacity to remove large amounts (up to 35% of its own weight) of moisture from the skin surface before the fibre even begins to feel wet. Merino can prevent the 'clamminess' that can occur in environments of high humidity.

NB: Because infants and children have a higher surface area to mass ratio than adults this makes thermal regulation particularly challenging, and choosing the right garment or sleep system for children becomes extremely important.

Why is merino the healthy, safe choice for babies and children?

Bacteria and other micro-organisms can build up on the skin and in clothing/bedding, and their growth is enhanced in the presence of sweat secretions or other textile soiling. Merino outperforms competing fibres in terms of its resistance to the build-up of bacteria and odour. Therefore using merino against skin helps greatly reduce build-up of bacteria and controls odour by actively moving sweat and other moisture away from the skin.

Merino is a low fire danger fibre?

Merino fibre has flame retardant properties exceeding those of all other commonly used textile fibres and affords excellent protection to wearers in terms of preventing ignition, but also in terms of the nature in which it burns (self extinguishing, non-melting)

Why is merino important for temperature control in babies & toddlers?

Babies - Unless the nighttime temperature is 24 degrees plus, then your newborn baby will either need several layers of clothing and bedding or natural body temperature regulating fabrics like 100% pure merino. Using merino against the skin will ensure that when your baby needs the warmth (because they can't regulate it themselves), then the properties of merino will retain and circulate the body heat. Likewise, when you put your baby to bed during the day or early at night when the heat is still in the sun the merino properties will draw and release moisture away from the baby. Premature babies may also need an extra layer of clothing until their weight is more full term - merino is really the only fabric to use.

Toddlers - Like with babies merino is perfect for toddlers, especially ones who kick off there covers and blankets, then wake between 3-5am because they are cold. Our merino/cotton sleeping bags combined with  Pyjamas or Sleeping Bags work together to prevent this.

Caring for merino?

Pure New Zealand merino is a delicate, natural product and therefore harsh washing and wringing out will damage it. Kruizey Kidz merino clothing is designed to be machine washable, provided you use a gentle or wool wash, with a wool approved detergent only. Dont leave merino to soak or use any bleach as this may result in holes.

DRYING: Kruizey Kidz merino clothing can be tumbled dried on a low heat setting, or dried flat away from direct sunlight.

AIRING SLEEPING BAGS: Between washes we recommend you hang your sleeping bag over the cot inside out to air.

NB: Like with any fine garment, merino is a delicate fabric and not all stains can be prevented or removed. With proper care and cleaning you can expect your merino sleepwear essentials to last a very long time.


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