Kruizey Kids - NZ Made Clothing for Babies and Kids

Specialising in Merino & Waterproof Clothing for Kids 

All locally made, our ranges of baby and children's clothing are great for everyday wear and helping on the farm!

Well before 1996, which was when Kruizey Kidz was named, I had been selling handmade kids clothing at markets and shows around the country. Being a Mum and then a Gran, I knew the importance of dressing the kids in clothing which was warm and long lasting. So did the other parents I met, and I quickly discovered that there was a huge gap in the market for breathable waterproof clothing for children. 

Over the years Kruizey Kidz has continued to grow and as well as selling at markets and large events like Field Days, we also have our exclusive ranges of clothing available for purchase through our online shop. 

Why Choose Kruizey Kidz Clothing?

Kruizey Kidz Ltd garments are made in here in Hamilton, New Zealand. We keep a tight control on the quality of all garments and are proud of the high standards of our workmanship and the materials we use.

As we are a home based business, we're not always available to reply to emails straight away. We enjoy being able to give our sewers, all mums who work from their own homes, the opportunity to earn a fair wage and the ability to work around the needs of their families. You may find that sometimes we are a bit slower than buying off the shelf at a department store, as our larger sizes from 5 years and lined jackets and overalls are made to order only.


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