Welcome to you all, 

I hope that you are all staying safe and getting on with life as best as we all can in this scary time that we are all experiencing and none of us know what the outcome of the Covid-19 is going to be, but we are a safe country and I sincerley hope that people will follow with the Government and W.H.O. are requesting us to do

This is not going to be a long drawn out newsletter but as the Central Districts Field Days have been cancelled, The National Agriculture Fieldays at Mystery Creek Postponded and the Baby Expos either cancelled and Postponded I have heaps of stock sitting here that needs to go to make room, 

So I have set the website up now with all stock is reduced some of it has been reduced way below cost to move it on so I hope that you all can grab yourself some bargains.

With regards to our main core items if they sell out you can still order at the special price, that is our Waterproof Clothing Range mainly and some of the Merino clothing in our base clothing.


These are  the links to website for you to see all the specials

                                       Shopping this is the Winter 2022 range

                                                      Waterproof unlined 

                                                        Waterproof lined


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